“Lafayette’s Rareluth is a rare, majestic musical creature that produces delicate, ordinate pop ballads. The brainchild of Christine Peirce whose fragile falsetto, front and center in the mix, dances over instrumentals that masterfully weave together dancefloor synths with deep, pulsing bass riffs and hypnotic drum loops. Despite the ethereal and dreamy production, Rareluth does not shy away from infusing elements of dance music into her tracks. Peirce’s versatility is just one of her many strengths on display throughout her songs which sound like a beautiful daydream from which you never want to return.”

-Boomtown Film & Music Festival, February 2017

“Rareluth sounds like the type of band that should have made its way onto the soundtrack for the movie Drive. Throughout their debut Demo, lead singer Christine Peirce releases her ghost-like vocals over twinkling synths and a dynamic rhythm section. Living proof that great synth-driven bands are not exclusive to the big cities.”

-Paste Magazine’s 50 States Project; 12 Louisiana Bands You Should Listen To